Jude Law Talks “Sherlock Holmes 3”

Out doing promotion for “Anna Karenina” in Toronto, Jude Law gave Collider a quick update on the progress of a third “Sherlock Holmes” film.

“I don’t [know when filming begins]. There’s certainly talk of it and I know there’s a script being played around with, but [Robert] Downey’s a busy boy and I’m a busy boy, so we’ll see. But we want to [do another one]. We’re a very happy team and we have a lot of fun.”

At last report “Iron Man 3” scribe Drew Pearce had come onboard to write the script. No word on which of A.C. Doyle’s stories – if any – would serve as an influence on the plot (like ‘The Final Problem’ did on ‘A Game of Shadows’).

Both the previous ‘Holmes’ films have raked in just over half a billion dollars each at the worldwide box-office for Warner Bros. Pictures.