Jude Law On Not Returning For More “Pope”

A surprising announcement earlier this week was that of “The New Pope,” a follow-up to the critically varied but successful first season of HBO and Sky’s “The Young Pope”.

‘Young’ centered around the story of a young American man (Jude Law) who becomes the new leader of the Catholic Church and turns the Vatican upside down.

That the show was returning wasn’t the surprise, rather that Law and his character were no longer involved – only a few recurring characters would be showing up in this follow-up.

Speaking with Variety, Law indicated he’s fine with the decision:

“It wasn’t that I wrapped it up assuming that I was done with it but I went in, we went in, to make a 10-hour film, and we did that. To say that there wasn’t room for more, I’d have been foolhardy. But it was clear from the get-go that we thought this is a great character and it’s a great world that he’s created here. But yeah, I didn’t go in thinking I’ll be doing this for the next 10 years.”

“The New Pope” won’t even begin production until late next year with filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino to return as director and to co-write with his frequent collaborator Umberto Contarello. Further details aren’t expected until next year.