Jubilee Is Not In “Dark Phoenix”

Jubilee Is Not In Dark Phoenix

If there’s one fan favorite “X-Men” character how has received short shrift in the films, it’s Jubilee. Though the character has appeared in four films, and has been portrayed by three different actresses, not a single one of them has had any lines of dialogue in the final cuts.

Lana Condor, who has hit it big in the past year thanks to the success of Netflix’s “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” played the role most recently in “X-Men: Apocalypse” and sadly confirmed to Collider this week she and the character will NOT be appearing in the upcoming “Dark Phoenix” movie:

“No, I didn’t end up doing ‘Dark Phoenix’ ’cause I was doing ‘To All the Boys’. I hope ‘X-Men’ lives on so hopefully in the future I’ll be able to go back to that family because it’s where I feel very indebted and loyal to… It’s funny because I, of course, love ‘X-Men’ forever. ‘X-Men’ was such an incredible experience because I had never worked before, I was so excited to be there. I love Jubilee and I hope that in the future she’ll get her due.”

The character is one of the more famous mutants in the “X-Men” universe and was a key character in the 1990s animated series. She can generate pyrotechnic energy blasts from her hands.