Jovovich Replaces Munn On “Hummingbird”

Milla Jovovich has scored the lead role in the action-thriller “Hummingbird” at Fundamental Films.

The “Resident Evil” star marks the third actress to have taken the lead role following the departure of the originally cast Zoe Saldana and her replacement Olivia Munn who has now left.

The story involves a black-ops assassin who begins to question her skills and training when she’s placed on a questionable assignment. John McClain penned the Black List script with Paul W.S. Anderson doing a script revision.

“Battlefield 1” game directors Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Akerstrom will helm the film said to be a blend of “Lucy” and “Bourne”. Todd Garner, Mark Gao and Gregory Ouanhon are producing and shooting kicks off in the Summer.

Source: Variety