Journey 2 Scribes To Pen “Jupiter’s Legacy”

Numerous films are currently in development based on the works of “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman” comics author Mark Millar. Today, one of them has made some progress with “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” screenwriting cousins Brian and Mark Gunn (who are also relatives of James Gunn) coming onboard to pen the script for a film version of Millar’s “Jupiter’s Legacy”.

Millar co-created the miniseries with Frank Quitely in 2013 with the story following the offspring of superheroes, a group of kids who haven’t fully lived up to their families’ hopes and dreams for them. Instead of fighting crime, they’re more interested in partying and endorsement deals.

The film questions how much superheroes are responsible for protecting the world and how much power they should have. It joins the likes of other Millar works like “Chrononauts,” “Starlight,” “American Jesus,” “Super Crooks” and “Empress” which all have film adaptations in early planning stages.