Journey 2 Scribes Pen “Timecop” Reboot

Scribes Mark and Brian Gunn (“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”) have come onboard the “Timecop” reboot at Universal Pictures.

The pair will pen the script for the new take on the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme time travel action thriller which Marc Shmuger will produce.

The original, based on a Dark Horse Comic mini-series, was set in a near future where time travel is regulated by a special police force.

One officer (Van Damme) runs afoul a crooked politician (Ron Silver) who is using time travel to further his political career. It is one of Van Damme’s most financially and critically successful films.

This remake however is expected to be more of a reboot, taking the basics and re-imagining the concept so it could serve as a potential franchise launcher. It’s also said to be a more “gritty and grounded police story” with the sci-fi elements in the background rather than upfront.

Source: Heat Vision