Joss Whedon Would Do A Black Widow FIlm

Filmmaker Joss Whedon checked out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year with “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the director subsequently saying at the time he has little desire to tackle superheroes again.

In subsequent months he’s softened his stance a little, indicating he would be curious about a female-led superhero film, and speaking with IGN at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend he revealed that should a solo “Black Widow” film be made, his hand would definitely be up:

“If somebody pointed to me and said, ‘You want to make a Black Widow movie?’ the answer would be ‘Duh.’ For two reasons: I think that character really is very interesting and very earthbound and so it’s the kind of action that I got to do less of with somebody like Thor or The Vision.

When you get into your Superman territory it’s harder to maintain that sort of gritty action that the Russo brothers do so beautifully. And she’s got that kind of thing… and really do a spy thriller, really do a good, paranoid sort of John LeCarre on crack sort of thing.

Also, Scarlett Johansson is just delightful. She works really hard, but she just spends most of her time cracking me up, so it would be a fun shoot.”

Warners has no plans for a “Black Widow” standalone film at this point, the company’s first female-led superhero film is set to be the Brie Larson-led “Captain Marvel” film. In regards to that film, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige says they are down to a ‘short list’ of ten directors with a decision expected by the end of the summer. He also tells Cinema Blend they got lucky with Larson’s casting:

“Carol Danvers needs to be as rich and textured and real as the best of our characters. Maybe even more so. And we got very lucky that Brie – who has all of those attributes, and an Academy Award now – was still very interested in signing up and joining us to bring this character to life.”

“Captain Marvel” is slated to open March 8th 2019. Should a “Black Widow” film be made, it likely won’t hit until sometime in 2020 at the earliest.