Josh Schwartz Pens X-Men Spin-Off

** Update **: The Black Book Mag site has pulled and replaced the original story with a puff piece about “Gossip Girl”. Why the story was taken down is unknown – as it featured direct quotes it seems likely Marvel or Schwartz’s agents requested removal of the original article. ***

“Gossip Girl,” “Chuck,” and “The O.C.” producer/creator Josh Schwartz tells Black Book Mag that he’s been enlisted to pen one of the “X-Men” spin-off scripts.

The film will center on the other teenage characters attending the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, and Schwartz is ready to bear the brunt of criticism from comic fans – “I’m very well aware that I’ll be bludgeoned by purists, but I love its mythology, and it comes with a pretty hefty paycheck. It’s not like I’m adding new characters like Toaster Head, or anything like that.”

Schwartz also doesn’t hold back his other opinions in the interview – “The Hulk looks like it’s going to be terrible… [Brett Ratner] didn’t have a lot of credibility going in to the third X-Men movie… Bryan Singer got a free pass on Superman Returns because of his work on X-Men.”