Josh Holloway Talks Aquaman Rumors

Three casting rumors have been making the rounds the past few weeks regarding “Batman vs. Superman” – Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor, Josh Holloway as Aquaman and Jason Momoa in some role.

Momoa recently denied reports of his casting, saying he has nothing to do with the project. Phoenix hasn’t commented on the rumors. Now, “Lost” and “Intelligence” actor Holloway has finally spoken out about the reports to IGN and surprisingly isn’t so quick to outright deny them:

“It hasn’t been brought to my attention by my people, so maybe they’re just floating it softly around, but that would be cool!

Sure, I think I’m available at the moment as we just wrapped up [Intelligence]. I’m an actor, I like different roles. Batman movies are awesome, Marvel movies are awesome.

But we’ll see, I’m on a series [‘Intelligence’] right now. I think they usually want to sign you up for several movies and I don’t know if you can do that when you’re committed to a series.”

“Intelligence” hasn’t been officially renewed for a second season by CBS. The show premiered to huge numbers the other week, but saw a massive drop-off in ratings for the second episode.