Josh Hartnett Playing “Thor” Villain Loki?

Josh Hartnett has apparently met with “Thor” director Kenneth Brannagh and is currently on a very short list to play the villain in the film according to IESB.Net

The character, Thor’s brother Loki, repeatedly tries to get rid of Thor and seize the throne of Asgard for himself and ends up being the God of Evil.

The news comes a day after rumors of “True Blood” Alexander Skarsgard being in the final running to play the titular Norse God riled up online fandom.

Meanwhile Marvel’s Joe Quesada tells Times Online that they couldn’t be happier with having someone like Branagh at the helm – “Branagh gets the Marvel history of the character, he gets the overall flavour and tone of the Marvel universe. He gets that it’s not just about action and adventure and costumes, it’s about what’s at the heart of the character.”