Josh Gad Photo Leads To “Batman” Speculation

We live in an age where social media postings become gospel and when a star casually posts up an image on their official account without explanation, people are going to jump to the conclusion the star is hinting that they are up for that role.

That’s what happened today when “Beauty and the Beast” and “Frozen” star Josh Gad posted a picture of The Penguin from the “Batman” comics online.

This has led to speculation Gad might be playing the role in an upcoming DCEU film such as the soon to be retooled “The Batman” which Matt Reeves is about to get to work on re-writing, or the in the works “Gotham City Sirens” from David Ayer, “Batgirl” from Joss Whedon and “Nightwing” from Chris McKay.

This is hardly unprecedented – Deathstroke was announced as a villain for “The Batman” last year via a video that Ben Affleck posted on Twitter. With the film being redone though, whether the character and the currently cast Joe Manganiello will still be in place is unclear.

Alternatively, Gad could simply be lobbying for the role, or even teasing a casting in a straight-to-VOD DC Animated feature. For the moment though, it is simply a waiting game.