Josh Brolin Plans John Brown Biopic

Talking with Josh Brolin on the New Orleans set of “Jonah Hex” today, Coming Soon learned that the actor is developing a project about John Brown, an American abolitionist who killed five Southern slave-owners before the start of the Civil War.

“The script was already out there; I read the script, I loved it. It would be a very tough character for me to play. We’re going to do some tests once I’m done with this, but it’s a great script and story. Somebody who I know, because of Howard Zinn’s thing [documentary], and I know the character really well. Mark Gordon [writer] and I had a conversation, and we said, ‘Let’s do this, let’s get this done.’ People have been wanting to do it forever and there’s a lot of directors who’d love to be involved, so I think now’s the time” says Brolin.

While Brolin has a few more weeks of work on “Hex” before heading to England to star in Woody Allen’s next movie. Brolin also mentioned that he’s been talking with Mel Gibson about doing something together on the long-gestating William Queen feature “Under and Alone”.