Josh Brolin On Why He’s Playing Thanos

The recent “Guardians of the Galaxy” marked the debut of Josh Brolin as the Marvel Cinematic Universe super villain Thanos. It was our first look at the Mad Titan who will become a central antagonist in future films.

Speaking with The Guardian this week, Brolin discussed his joining of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and says the project appeared at just the right time:

“Right after No Country for Old Men, I got offered a big, big, big movie. It just didn’t feel right to me. Then something like Marvel comes along. We did “Guardians of the Galaxy” and it felt perfect. I still feel great about that project… I like what it represents.”

Brolin also compared the film’s director James Gunn to some of the more art house-like directors he’s worked with before such as Paul Thomas Anderson and the Coen Brothers:

“The (career) trajectory. It’s very difficult for me not to look at the whole trajectory. The minute I get pigeonholed as some art-house guy, I love the idea of doing something different. It’s not the genre I’m going for. It’s not the title I’m going for. It’s the role, or the type of director.

I think (Guardians director) James Gunn is so amazing. (When) I met with those Marvel guys (Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito and president Kevin Feige) … I just loved seeing them and what they were about. They’re really just kind of geeks (for) story. They love story and they don’t try to hide it under any kind of coolness. ‘This movie’s going to make a lot of money’ or ‘This is going to do something for your career’ – there’s none of that talk.

The Coen Brothers are the same way. P. T. Anderson is the same way. So I don’t really see any difference between my conversations with Marvel and my conversations with P. T. Anderson.”

In other Marvel news, Stan Lee was recently involved in a Twitter Q&A where he revealed that his appearance in the upcoming “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is his favorite Marvel cameo to date.


Finally, some “Guardians of the Galaxy” concept art from Ryan Meinerding has been shown off on the designer’s Facebook page, including one of the character Howard the Duck from the post-credits scene wearing a suit.