Josephson Talks Blackbeard Plans

The announcement the other day of a biopic of real-life pirate Blackbeard has many wondering if a gritty, real take on piracy will work with audiences more accustomed to fantasy like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

Producer Barry Josephson (“Men In Black,” “Enchanted”) believes so, and tells MTV News that “Where ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was a brilliant franchise, it was based on something quite different [than this]. This is based on historical fact. And what’s fabulous is you learn so much about pirates in this movie.”

He describes Blackbeard himself as “an incredible character… a former naval captain who rejected the English and became a privateer, and who then becomes a pirate because he doesn’t want to be lorded over by anyone.”

Despite David Franzoni’s script not being finalized as yet, he has gone into detail about the story which will run the gamut of Edward Teach’s life right up through his eventual death during a battle with Royal Navy Lt. Robert Maynard in North Carolina.

“The first act is really about the evolution of this character and how he became Blackbeard. The second act is about how he sort of defeats the English so handedly. And the third act is about the rise of Maynard being the one who was smart enough, gifted enough, got to know him well enough to be the one person that was able to do what he did.”

No actors have been approached, but “we have lots of thoughts about who we want, and when we get the script we will go out and try to get the best people.”