Jose Padilha Plans “Tri-Border” Thriller

Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha (“Elite Squad”) is teaming with “Gran Torino” scribe Nick Schenk for the English-language political action film “Tri-Border” says Heat Vision.

The film is set against the infamous lawless South American zone trisected by Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, where competing crime organizations and law enforcement agencies fight for the upper hand.

The story follows a Boston-based DEA agent who is unwillingly sent to Paraguay for having busted the son of an US senator during a drug raid. The script will explore the ins-and-outs of the different crime organizations and law enforcement agencies in the area, as the agent strives to understand how the place works in order to capture his ticket back home – a leading drug dealer.

The script aims to be finished by the end of August. This isn’t to be confused with Kathryn Bigelow’s “Triple Frontier” which was in development until she switched over to concentrating on her Osama bin Laden project.