Jordan Wanted Griffin For “Space Jam 2”

Basketball legend Michael Jordan only had one shot at big screen stardom – 1996’s “Space Jam” which celebrates its twentieth anniversary in November. The film saw Jordan and various Looney Tunes characters play a basketball game against a group of hostile aliens and has become a cult classic in recent years.

Talk has recently swirled of a sequel with LeBron James in the lead role and “Star Trek Beyond” helmer Justin Lin as a potential director. However, no-one has really asked Jordan himself whom he would like to have succeed him on the big screen. His answer this week? Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin. Check out Jordan’s response to the question below.

Michael Jordan picks who he would choose to star in Space Jam 2. (Submitted by @lashmiller)

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Andrew Dodge (“Bad Words”) is penning the script for the film which has yet to set a schedule and probably wouldn’t begin shooting for at least a year.