Jordan Peele Signs Universal Multi-Film Deal

Following the stellar critical acclaim and $194 million global box-office haul from a tight $4.5 million budget, “Get Out” filmmaker Jordan Peele has decided what he’s doing next.

Though reports emerged of him being courted to helm the long-gestating “Akira” remake at Warners, Peele is instead sticking with his own stuff and with “Get Out” distributor Universal Pictures who have signed a two-year first-look production deal with Peele and his Monkeypaw Productions banner.

As part of the deal they’ll handle Peele’s next film, a currently untitled project that, like “Get Out,” has been dubbed a ‘social thriller’ and is said to sport a budget around five times larger than that of “Get Out”. It will be the second of apparently four films of this kind that Peele has planned and which have apparently already been written.

Additionally, Peele and producer Jason Blum will develop micro-budget projects for directors from backgrounds that traditionally get fewer opportunities because of their gender, race or sexuality.

Source: Universal Pictures