Jonny Quest Film Set To Go Old School

With “Hitman: Agent 47” set to hit cinemas this week, there’s been a bunch of press regarding the film and interviews with the film’s producer Adrian Askarieh. Askarieh is a man in demand these days and one of his upcoming projects is that of the live-action film adaptation of the “Jonny Quest” franchise which Robert Rodriguez recently became attached to write and direct.

Speaking about ‘Quest’ this week with Collider, Askarieh confirmed that Rodriguez recently turned in the script he co-wrote with Terry Rossio which they crafted out of an earlier draft by Dan Mazeau. The script reportedly isn’t ready for the studio yet but will hopefully be handed in shortly after the Labor Day holiday.

In terms of the content, Askarieh says they’re using the original 1960s Jonny Quest prime time animated show as their source of inspiration, rather than the more recent “The New Adventures of Jonny Quest”. As a result, the original characters of Jonny Quest, Race Bannon, Benton Quest, Hadji, Jezebel Jade and even Bandit are all there.

In terms of a rating, he says “We want to make a PG-13… This is not going to be a kiddie action-adventure movie; this will be an action-adventure that happens to have a 12-year-old in it… That’s, all of us, that’s what we want. That’s our M.O. for this movie. Indiana Jones meets James Bond.”

“Hitman: Agent 47” opens in cinemas this week. “Jonny Quest” is targeting a 2017 release.