Jones Talks How “Green Lantern” Should Be Done

Yesterday came word that Warners’ “Green Lantern Corps” film has scored some new writers and will be proceeding as scheduled towards its release at the end of the decade.

Various people have commented on it since then, including “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” and “Black Panther” actor Sterling K. Brown who has clearly put his hand up asking to be considered to play the John Stewart version of GL.

Today, “Moon” and “Source Code” director Duncan Jones offered up his take on how to make the property work in a series of tweets. Here’s a breakdown of his version:

“Green Lantern should be about a simple-minded jock who has to come up with imaginative, new ideas every time he uses the ring.

The limit on the rings power should not be about battery life, but the need to be original every time you use it.

Mechanics & stakes of Green Lantern always bugged me. Ring that can do anything & you have a tough time winning fights? Hero, please!

The hook in the “dumb jock” version of Green Lantern is that he has the power, but lacks the wits to use it. Endearingly frustrating.

Jones goes on to day he has no intention to do Green Lantern as: “I think he’s dumb. :) Hope someone proves me wrong.” In terms of superhero films he would tackle though, he adds the only one he’d love to make is one about Dr. Manhattan from “Watchmen” – one that would not have a happy ending.

Source: Twitter