Jones Confirms “Moon” Universe Trilogy

One of the most well-regarded science-fiction films of the past decade has been Duncan Jones’ “Moon,” the Sam Rockwell-led drama scoring rave reviews and solid box-office. Jones followed that up with the well received “Source Code” and now has the big-budget “Warcraft” set to hit cinemas soon.

One project that he’s always had in mind though is “Mute,” a passion project that he’s been developing on and off since the turn of the century and has every intention of getting made one day.

In fact in a new interview with Indiewire, he says the film is closer than ever to being made:

“Yeah. Absolutely, 100%. I wish I could formally say, ‘Yes, it’s happening,’ but there are contractual reasons I have to wait until the absolute yes-I’m-allowed-to-say-that date, but as far as I’m concerned, yes. I’m going to be shooting that film later this year.”

He goes on to confirmed that not only does the film take place in the same universe as “Moon,” but it’s the second part of a trilogy with the third film further along than you might expect. He says:

“In fact, it’s already written. It’s ready to go. I was trying to make it after ‘Source Code.’ It’s a female lead, and at that time, four of five years ago, it was just proving really difficult to get the film made, this science fiction film with a female lead.

It feels like it’s going to be easier these days. I think there’s more of a willingness for that to happen, and I certainly think it’s about time, but Mute’s kind of happening now, so I’m going to do that, and then, with any luck, I’ll be able to get this other film made that will make up the third part of that trilogy, as soon as possible.”

Jones’ “Warcraft” film opens in some global markets from this weekend and hits the United States next Friday.