Jonah Hex Trailer Finally Coming

Vulture reports that the first and likely only trailer for the Warner Brothers comic book adaptation “Jonah Hex” looks likely to be attached to “A Nightmare on Elm Street” on April 30th, just seven weeks out from the film’s release on June 18th. If it’s not, then a delay of the film seems inevitable.

The news highlights the surprisingly lack of publicity for the supernatural western tentpole feature. At present only one teaser poster and one official still have been released thus far for the film – the only marketing material we’ve really seen for the film outside the footage which played at last year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Now take into consideration the studio’s “Inception” opening a month later which already has had several posters, more than half a dozen stills, at least two trailers and a lot of column space thanks to some lavish presentations in recent weeks. Things just don’t quite add up.

Yesterday Vulture got in touch with Brent Hinds, the guitarist and singer of heavy-metal band Mastodon who was initially hired to work with John Powell on the film’s score.

As previously reported, the film underwent some significant reshoots while Powell was replaced by Marco Beltrami which meant Hinds had to rescore much of the film. Hinds says “What I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem to be finished to me… We’re still working on it.”

The film’s director Jimmy Hayward deflected criticism, saying “Trailer and film are looking great”. Whatever the case, it looks like some major publicity will be required in coming weeks for the film to have any decent chance at the box-office.