Jon Voight & John Boorman Re-Teaming

Attending the Irish Film and Television Awards in Dublin the other week, actor Jon Voight talked with Swedish publication MovieZine and mentioned plans to re-team with his “Deliverance” and “The General” director John Boorman on a new project.

“To be honest. We just talked about another project. No one knows about this one. So let’s see if that goes. We were talking about working together again anyway, so that would be nice. He just gave me the script to me yesterday and I read it overnight. I didn’t read it all together because I wanted to get some sleep, but I couldn’t put it down. I had to read it all the way. it’s a very magical piece” said Voight.

What that piece is could be either something we’ve yet to hear about, or one of the two upcoming projects that Boorman’s name has been linked with – a CG-animated adaptation of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” that sticks far closer to the books than previous adaptations, or the long-gestating adaptation of Marguerite Yourcenar’s biographical novel of Roman Emperor Hadrian.