Jolie Sought For “Bride of Frankenstein”

Though it has died a very quick death at the box-office, Universal’s low-budget relationship drama and vanity project “By the Sea” may have been part of a strategy to lure that film’s star and director Angelina Jolie to one of its tentpoles.

THR reports that the distributor apparently greenlit ‘Sea’ as they are seeking Jolie to headline their remake of 1935’s “The Bride of Frankenstein”. Elsa Lanchester starred s the famous bride in the original film.

First announced six years ago, Brian Grazer remains onboard as producer but there’s no word if “Divergent” and “Limitless” director Neil Burger still intends to helm from a script he co-wrote with Dirk Wittenborn (“The Lucky Ones”) .

Also not clear, but likely, is that ‘Bride’ is a part of Universal’s intention to integrate reboots of its classic monster movies into a shared cinematic universe under the control of writers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. This would mean Jolie would essentially be a part of the franchises – something she’s shied away from since the “Tomb Raider” films a decade ago.