Joker’s Face Has Been Revealed?

First came the blurry distance shot, then the ‘concept image’ which seemed a little dubious, but now at last what appears to be a legitimate photo has arrived.

AICN has posted what looks like an actual make-up test shot of Heath Ledger in The Joker make-up for “The Dark Knight” (click the image above for a larger version).

The design matches the early talk that’s been going around, the facial features seem to match Ledger (nose, chin, hairline) – although no official word yet either way on its validity though a request has been put in for an official comment. If this is real, is this an early test that got discarded, or one that was further built upon?

First look costume shots, whether it be the X-Men uniforms, Superman suit, Batsuit, etc. always suffer a wave of negative fanboy criticism upon release.

It’s par for the course, and already the venom has begun on the Talkbacks, but as always by the time the film comes out next year no-one gives a hoot going into the cinema.

The news comes as apparent “Dark Knight” scoops continue to flood in from the set in Chicago. Michael Keaton was apparently spotted on the set, whilst supposed script pages have been leaked online.

Update – 2:48pm: The photo has now been confirmed as a fake, a rather clever amalgam/manip of a Heath Ledger photo with an old Orlando Bloom make-up test photo from “The Lord of the Rings”. You can see how the fake was pulled off by clicking here.