“Joker” & “The Batman” Crossover? No Chance

Joker The Batman Crossover No Chance

Todd Phillips’ “Joker” film is very much a standalone thing, and one set in a specific time which appears to include Bruce Wayne as a child. That said, there are still fans online suggesting it may somehow eventually crossover with Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

That will never happen according to Phillips who was asked by Variety if the pair would appear in a future film together to which he said: “No, definitely not”. He then goes on to say he expects someone will reinvent The Joker again after his film:

“Oddly, in the States, comic books are our Shakespeare it seems, and you can do many many versions of ‘Hamlet’. There will be many more jokers, I’m sure, in the future.”

“Joker” is coming off rave reviews and the top prize of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, a win Phillips tells the outlet he “just can’t believe…we’re still getting our footing.” Even with the talk, there’s also controversy surrounding the film and how it may be too sympathetic towards someone like this character who comp.

The film also just screened at Toronto and reaction seems to be very similar with a lot of raves and expressed concerns judging by the social media reaction. “Joker” opens in cinemas everywhere on October 4th.