“Joker” Sequel Reports Were Premature

Joker Sequel Reports Were Premature

Yesterday came the news via one of the trades that not only was a “Joker” sequel in the works, but the first film’s director Todd Phillips was also coming back and he’d managed to snag the rights to do another ‘origin’ story of a DC character.

Then, Deadline disputed that report, saying according to multiple inside sources of their own that there are no deals in place for a sequel, nor even any negotiations with Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver to craft one.

They add that key part of the story, that Phillips met with Warners film chief Toby Emmerich to pitch a portfolio of DC character origin stories, is straight false – no such meeting took place and Phillips reportedly doesn’t want to oversee other DC character films. Same goes for earlier stories that Martin Scorsese considered directing the first “Joker” at one time – not true.

Phillips has now just spoken about it on Indiewire, saying: “[Those reports] came out of nowhere. It referred to a meeting that was never had. I thought it was anticipatory at best. Obviously, sequels have been discussed when a movie that cost $60 million made $1 billion, but we have not had any serious conversations about it.”

Phillips adds that the studio doesn’t have a deal with either Joaquin Phoenix, himself or co-writer Scott Silver. For now it looks like “Joker 2,” while a highly likely possibility, is not yet a certainty.