“Joker” Rated As Co-Star Comments Go Viral

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Todd Phillips’ highly-anticipated “Joker” movie has officially been handed an R-rating from the MPAA with the reasoning being “strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual images.”

The rating comes as one of the film’s co-stars, comedian and “GLOW” actor Marc Maron, doubled down this week on some comments he made last summer. Speaking to Conan O’Brien, Maron dismissed comic book movies in general saying:

“I have some issues with them and I generally don’t like them. I don’t wanna be bullied into seeing those movies. I’m a grown-up, I’m not seven, and I think those movies are for grown, male nerd childs”

Maron got a little boo-ing to which he responded: “Oh, really? Take the hit! You guys are in charge of culture” before going further into why he’s not a fan – namely for the way comic book movies now dominate the multiplex:

“Now I gotta go travel 15-20 minutes to a smaller movie theater to see a grown-up movie with other grown-ups where we can all sit together and not understand the ending? That’s part of the experience. Where you walk out and you’re like, ‘I don’t know, did the guy die? It’s not clear.’ That’s the kind of movie I enjoy. I’m not gonna be bullied by grown, nerd men. So, no!”

Maron has previously expressed in the past that the reason he did “Joker” is that it is not a typical comic book movie, and while the comments are probably not the best marketing move – they do suggest that Phillips’ film could thankfully be a polarising, divisive and interesting film in a genre that admittedly does fall back on formula too often.

“Joker” is slated to hit cinemas on October 4th.