Johnston On Capt. America, More “Jurassic”

With “The Wolfman” press junket taking place over the weekend, director Joe Johnston seemed to be asked by all the media involved about “Captain America” and to a lesser extent “Jurassic Park IV”. Unlike other filmmakers who’re generally dismissive or tight-lipped, Johnston proved quite forthcoming. So much so in fact I’ve broken down the various information revealed into bullet points just to get through it. Amongst the facts garnered:

– Johnston aims to have casting finished in a few weeks before he heads to London on March 1st. The ‘Captain’ himself will be an unknown and he’s currently testing half a dozen guys between 23 and 32 years old according to Collider.

– “Chuck” co-star Ryan McPartlin confirmed to Moviehole he tested for the film, while a rumor at Big Shiny Robot suggested “One Tree Hill” star Chad Michael Murray tested for the role.

– Red Skull will serve as the film’s villain, a Nazi threat that causes the U.S. to turn Steve Rogers into ‘Captain America’. (Thanks Coming Soon)

– There’s a lengthy origin story for the costume which Johnston went into details with at the The LA Times. Short version: Rogers is initially forced to become a propaganda symbol at USO shows where he wears the costume (made out of the US flag) and hates it. Later on in the film he “reclaims some of its imagery”. Initial costume will be very much like the Jack Kirby version in the comic. Secondary costume will be less gratuitously patriotic – “more like a traditional set of fatigues, with lots of straps and buckles”.

– The WW2 superhero team The Invaders will serve as co-stars, a European team of around six people who will fight alongside the ‘Captain’. (Thanks CHUD)

Meanwhile HitFix sat down with Johnston to talk a fourth “Jurassic Park” and he admits its likely a long way off – “Steven’s busy right now with the stuff he’s doing and I’ve got to do “Captain America,” but hopefully afterwards, we’ll find time to develop it.” He also re-iterated an old scoop about the film essentially serving as the start of a new trilogy.