Johnson To Helm Blackline Trilogy

Christian Johnson (“September Tapes”) will write and direct the three-feature “Blackline International Trilogy” for Issa’s Signature Productions. The films will be inspired by the recent Blackwater incidents resulting in the death of Iraq civilians says The Hollywood Reporter.

Each film centers on Blackline International, a fictional private military corporation. The first film, “Blackline: The Beirut Contract” revolves around three of its soldiers for hire and their mission to rescue a man taken hostage in Beirut after negotiating for peace among warring factions.

The filmmakers plan a same-day release of a video game and interactive DVD allowing users to duplicate the experiences of the main characters and explore alternate versions of the story line.

Principal photography on “Contract” begins this month in Beirut, with additional photography in Paris and Morocco. The subsequent two films in the trilogy will film in first-half 2008 in Russia, Poland and Venezuela.