Johnson Says “Baywatch” Film To Be Rated R

The casting earlier today of Zac Efron alongside Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming “Baywatch” movie promises plenty of on-screen beefcake in this big screen take on the popular 1990s series about California beach lifeguards.

One thing that people aren’t quite sure on though is the project’s tone. Previously it has been described as something akin to the “21 Jump Street” franchise – an action comedy both respectful and playfully sending up its original material. Now comes word from Johnson himself via social media that there’s going to be no holding back on the humor as it sounds like the film plans to wear an R rating with pride:

Sean Anders and John Morris helm the film which boasts a script from Robert Ben Garant, Justin Malen, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The movie is currently targeting a 2016 release.