Johnson May Be Out Of “Godzilla” Sequel

We’re still some time off from a sequel to Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla” reboot which isn’t expected to hit cinemas until 2018. Edwards himself is occupied with filming on the spin-off “Star Wars: Rogue One”. When he does return to the “Godzilla” franchise though, the question is will anyone else from the first film be joining him?

Over the weekend, the first film’s leading man Aaron Taylor Johnson was asked by Cinema Blend about the possibility of his coming back for the next one. From the sounds of it, he has no idea at this point:

“Our director, Gareth Edwards, is off shooting a Star Wars movie now, so I think, you know, and he was a huge influence on the franchise. … So I think they’re waiting on Gareth, and then when Gareth gets around, they will all jump in a room, brainstorm, and do their thing. And I don’t know if I’d be a part of it, if it would be set somewhere else, if it’s going to be in the future. … It’s just kind of, it’s just so broad.”

“Star Wars: Rogue One” is slated for a December 16th 2016 release, which means “Godzilla 2” would likely shoot in very early 2017.