Johnson: “Last Jedi” Luke Was Consistent

Johnson Last Jedi Luke Was Consistent

Like a fighter in a World War I ditch, every now and then filmmaker Rian Johnson will raise his head carefully above the surface to defend his position before ducking for cover as attacks fly from various angry young men who think he’s destroyed their way of life with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

Earlier this week, a trade report suggested that J.J. Abrams’ currently filming “Star Wars: Episode IX” would serve as a ‘course correction’ for the franchise following both the fan backlash to ‘Last Jedi’ and the financial and critical disappointment of “Solo”.

This lead to a fresh wave of ‘Last Jedi’ bashing and Johnson once again standing up to defend his film, this time focusing on one aspect, in particular, following one criticism. A fan tweeted: “It’s just bad storytelling to change Luke so much and have one little flashback scene to explain why. As I said I’m not against it, it’s interesting and a fresh take which is what star wars needs, but execution-wise, done poorly.”

Johnson tweeted in response: “Hot take: Luke is in fact 100% consistent with his character (not the way he’s described in marketing blurbs, but his actual, based-on-his-words-and-actions character) from the [Original Trilogy]. I’ll be at the bar if you need me.”

Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker is expected to appear in “Star Wars: Episode IX” which will hit cinemas on December 20th 2019.