Johnny Depp Up For “Doctor Strange”?

Johnny Depp is reportedly being sought for the role of the Master of the Mystic Arts himself, Doctor Strange, in the Marvel Studios film based on the comic character.

Latino Review claims Marvel and Depp recently took a meeting “to discuss taking on the role of Dr. Strange.” The character of Stephen Strange has long been rumored for his own film to come sometime during Marvel’s co-called third or fourth ‘phases’.

LR previously indicated Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role, that no longer seems to be the case. Depp’s strong connection to Disney, Marvel’s owners, makes this one of the more credible casting rumors of late.

Either way, a “Doctor Strange” movie is a LONG time off for now, and Depp will likely not be the last name we hear linked to the project.

Update: Deadline claims the rumor is false, saying “Depp was approached eons ago, and it never went anywhere.”