Johnny Depp Opens Up In Lengthy Interview

It took nearly two hundred e-mails to organise and today comes the result – actor Johnny Depp has spoken with journalist Stephen Rodrick for Rolling Stone in a lengthy interview conducted over three days with multiple details about his life and mental state revealed in candid conversation.

Among the reveals are that he spent over $30K on wine a month and was smashing down joints of tobacco and hash on a regular basis, he became estranged from his sister after refusing to get a prenup before his marriage to Amber Heard, he admits to being fed sound effects through an earpiece (with the help of a sound engineer) in film roles, and the $650 million he has made on films throughout his career so far is almost all gone.

Other stories include Depp trying to pull his own tooth at a London restaurant while having dinner with Penelope Cruz and Stella McCartney, that it cost $3 million to shoot Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon, and that Depp battled with Disney screenwriters demanding they pull useless subplots from the “Pirates” films. Click here to check out the full interview.