John Woo To Produce “Cognition” TV Series

Filmmaker John Woo is reportedly set to produce an original neo-noir crime thriller scripted television series entitled “Cognition” at Catalyst Global Media.

The story revolves around two serial killer investigations set in two very stylistically contrasting worlds – the vast and desolate lands of America’s declining mid-West, and the thriving and overpopulated streets of the Far East.

Specifically the narrative deals with an American ex-detective now in the Far East to undergo a medical procedure to delete his traumatic memories in an effort to find a cure for his cancer. As his memories of an unsolved and all-consuming decade old serial killer investigation are targeted, copycat crimes start to take place on the streets of an Asian metropolis.

Alex Garcia Lopez, who created British cult series “Utopia” and “Misfits,” will write and direct the series which begins production of eight one-hour episodes next year. Woo, Terence Chang and Lori Tilkin will executive produce.

Source: Variety