John Woo Talks “Manhunt,” “Flying Tigers”

Filmmaker John Woo returns to the action thriller with a remake of Junya Satow’s famed 1976 Japanese thriller “Manhunt” which begins shooting this Fall.

The original film, the first foreign film released in China following the end of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, starred Ken Takakura as a tough cop accused of corruption.

Shifting the locale to South Korea, Woo says the new film’s style will be pretty close to “The Killer” but “a little more Hitchcockian” and more “back to my old style”. Woo says:

“It’s exciting because it’s nice to get back to the action! Actually, there’s a lot more besides the action; it’s a very romantic human story. But I get tired of making big-budget movies. I think about going back to the old times, when it wasn’t so much about money but about working with a wonderful, smaller crew to make a real movie. The more money we have, the more we lose creative freedom. There’s always so much pressure. It’s too much for me.”

Asked about the “Flying Tigers” project he’s been linked to in recent years, Woo says: “That is still ongoing. We’ve got a new partner. So we’re looking for a new writer to rewrite the whole script.”

Source: THR