John Woo Helms “Le Samourai” Remake?

Hong Kong action filmmaking legend John Woo seems to have turned his attention away from remaking “Le Cercle Rouge” in favour of another classic Jean-Pierre Melville film – 1967’s “Le Samouraï”.

Talking with Die Welt, Woo wants to shift the setting to Berlin as German financing is playing a considerable role in the production. The director also says Berlin is “a city which, unlike Paris or London, was not as satisfied with its current status and therefore more interesting.”

Woo says the script is currently being worked on, and the project would be shot in English. It won’t go into production though until he’s satisfied with the script.

The original French-Italian crime drama follows a perfectionist hit man who is witnessed killing a night-club owner. His efforts to hide his tracks only drive further and further into a corner.

Source: Die Welt (via The Film Stage)