John Wick Producers Unleash “Smoke”

“John Wick” and “Sicario” producers Thunder Road are assembling the action thriller “Smoke on the Water” which Basil Iwanyk and Kent Kubena will produce.

The script by Trey Callaway (“I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”) and Rick Parks (“Ever After”) deals with the worlds of offshore boat racing, high-tech open water drug trafficking and the so-called ‘nautical narcotic highway’ from Cuba to Key West.

The film has more of a “Fast and Furious” than “Sicario”-style tone of energetic and fun action, and will reportedly make good use of the still cinematically untapped world of Cuba as a filming location.

Thunder Road is currently developing “Gang Story” with Liam Neeson, “A Star is Born” with Bradley Cooper and “Splinter Cell” with Tom Hardy.

Source: The Tracking Board