John Ridley To Helm “The American Way”

“12 Years a Slave” director and “American Crime” creator John Ridley is teaming with “Sinister” and “Happy Death Day” studio Blumhouse Productions for a film adaptation of his comic book series “The American Way: Those Above And Those Below”.

Ridley is writing to direct a film that uses superheroes to explore timely social issues including race and integration. Published as a six-issue monthly miniseries last year, the story is set ten years after the creation of a team of superheroes called The Civil Defense Corps which boasts a specific ethnic makeup designed to make segments of the American population feel safe and represented.

However the whole thing was exposed as a contrivance to pacify an American public and the film follows the characters years later living with the consequences. Jason Blum will produce the project which is being fast-tracked by Blumhouse.

Source: Deadline