John Noble To Voice “DC’s Legends” S3 Big Bad

“Fringe” and “Sleepy Hollow” star John Noble will lend his voice to The CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” having just been cast at the main villain of the current third season. The character, Mallus, has so far been shrouded in mystery but will first be heard during Tuesday’s episode.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says: “That’s the big mythology of the season and what makes Mallus cool at this stage of everyone’s viewing experience is that right now he is just a name and is this whisper. You’ll learn more about him in [episode] 305.”

Though providing the voice, it doesn’t necessarily mean he will play him when the character is revealed – as was the case with the past two season ‘big bad’ villains on “The Flash” which saw Tony Todd and Tobin Bell voice the characters until the villain’s true identity was revealed.

Source: EW