John Moore To Direct Spy Film “N.O.C.”

Irish helmer John Moore (“A Good Day to Die Hard,” “Max Payne”) is attached to direct the upcoming C.I.A. action-thriller “N.O.C.” for Summerstorm Entertainment.

Penned by Dave Matalon and Daniel Scott Gordon, the story follows a C.I.A. deep undercover operative who discovers that a faction of the agency is actively collaborating with the terrorist cell he was sent to infiltrate.

Stuck in a hospital in Berlin and with the help of the EMT who saved his life, he must find and bring evidence of the unsanctioned special op to the people he thinks he can trust.

Gabriela Bacher, Navid Mcllhargey and Marina Grassic will produce with filming to begin at the end of the summer in Berlin.

Source: Variety