John Logan To Pen Bonds 24 & 25

The 23rd and latest James Bond film “Skyfall” hits cinemas in the UK today after a tidal wave of rave reviews from American and European media.

With the MGM financial struggles behind them, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are quickly moving the pieces in place to ensure “Bond 24” will be ready for release as soon as possible.

To that effect, The Daily Mail reports that a schedule has already been put in place that would see the next film begin shooting around this time next year for an October or November 2014 release.

It’s an understandable push back to the ‘every other year’ strategy the franchise has tried to stick with over the years. The four year gap between “Quantum Of Solace” and “Skyfall” marked the second longest period between entries in the franchise.

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that “Skyfall” scribe John Logan has already been hired to pen both the next film and the one after. Logan will do so on his own rather than in collaboration with series regular scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who are moving on from the series.

Purvis and Wade came onboard with 1999’s “The World Is Not Enough”. On the first two Daniel Craig Bond films they did the initial drafts which Paul Haggis then re-wrote and polished. Logan served in the Haggis role on “Skyfall” at director Sam Mendes’ request and did such a great job that he’s now going it alone.

Logan reportedly pitched an original two-movie arc to Broccoli and Wilson and has already begun writing the scripts. If plans work out, this would be the first Bond film with a storyline to be played out over multiple films.

These fairly reasonable reports follow a week of all sorts of future Bond speculation that has been stirred up by two quotes.

The first came from an interview with “Skyfall” actress Naomie Harris at The Huffington Post. Harris revealed that “Luther” and “Thor” actor Idris Elba had apparently met with Barbara Broccoli about the possibility of playing James Bond.

The other comes from Bond film associate producer Gregg Wilson who gave the following response to Digital Spy when asked if they would consider filmmaker Chris Nolan as director: “We would of course be interested to have a discussion with him. We would like to do the same type of movie. It would be a dream to be with Nolan. But we always have an open mind when it comes to directors.”