John Le Carre’s Song Gets Played

Following its successful adaptation of John Le Carre’s “The Constant Gardener”, Potboiler Productions is preparing a new film based on Le Carre’s latest book, “The Mission Song” reports UK Teletext.

Set against the background of the chaotic East Congo, the story involves the planning of a Western-backed coup in the province of Kivu, told from the worms-eye view of the hapless translator.

Like ‘Gardener’ it will deal with asssorted political and racial issues including the greed and amorality of local bureaucrats and Western interests, and the apathy of the British press concerning the ongoing humanitarian crisis of the Congo War.

Joe Fisher, writer of TV drama “Soundproof” and 1998’s “The Tichborne Claimant,” is writing the adaptation.

No director has been set yet. “We’re at least a year away from filming,” producer Simon Channing Williams said.