John Lasseter Could Be Back At Disney

With his six-month leave of absence up at Disney Pictures, the studio is reportedly trying to decide how to bring former Pixar chief John Lasseter back to the company reports The Wall Street Journal.

The report suggests he’ll be given a new role that will see him stripped of much of his managerial power, but still give him some creative influence. Lasseter was put on leave following allegations of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct, described as ‘missteps’ by Lasseter. While media reports indicated an unsafe workplace due to Lasseter’s behavior, no individuals have come forward with allegations.

He is seen as one of the creative driving forces behind Pixar, but the #MeToo movement has only grown stronger with time and so him being invited back into the fold would be a bit of a PR headache. It’s presently unclear when a decision will be made.