John Hurt Talks, Title For “Doctor Who” 50th

The title and runtime for the upcoming “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special has been revealed.

The 75-minute special will be entitled “The Day of the Doctor” and, as previously reported, will go to air on November 23rd. No trailer has yet aired for the one-off.

Speaking of the special, actor John Hurt spoke with The Guardian about his role in the project following the big reveal in May’s seventh season finale:

“I had no idea that Doctor Who had got so huge. I just thought, ‘Brilliant, I’ll be a Doctor!’ I was suddenly – what do they call it? You start ‘trending’. This is all new to me! Of course you have to remember that the Doctors are all one person, so I’m not outside of that. I can’t talk about it, but I will say I was really impressed when I did it.

Both the previous doctors – Matt Smith and David Tennant – boy, are they good at it. Whoa-wee! They are so quick, and there’s a huge amount of learning and no time to learn it in. All that fake scientific nonsense. Terribly difficult to learn.”

The BBC have also unveiled their early plans for the 50th anniversary which will include a BBC2 lecture by Brian Cox, the Mark Gatiss-penned special “An Adventure In Space and Time,” a BBC4 re-run of a newly restored print of the very first ‘Who’ serial “An Unearthly Child,” a special episode of BBC2’s “The Culture Show,” and a 90-minute documentary on BBC Radio 2.

Meanwhile photos have emerged from filming on the “Doctor Who” Christmas special which marks Matt Smith’s final appearance in the role. Smith, who shaved his head a few months ago, sports a wig for the special which can be seen in the photos below (click to access a slideshow):