John Hurt Talks Indiana Jones

John Hurt recently had an extensive discussion about his work in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” with Premiere Magazine this week and revealed a few new details in the process.

First up he was asked about the six-month old rumor that popped up on Dark Horizons that he would be playing Abner Ravenwood, the father of Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood and Indy’s mentor. His response was simply to show a big grin and say “Hmmmm”

His character appears throughout the second half of the film and he confirms that they shot as much as they possibly could for real though “they had some massive blue screens. There will be CGI, but it’s based on a lot of the stuff that we shot, so it’s not pure CGI – it’s overlayed and so on.”

He adds that they shot on five major Hollywood studios – Downey, Sony, Paramount, Warners and Universal. Spielberg also enticed him to be a part of the project by doing some filming in Peru, but sadly it didn’t happen.

For the full interview, click here.