John Cusack Plays Poe For “Raven”

John Cusack has revealed through his Twitter account that he’s set to play legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe.

“officiali- will play edgar allen poe in fall-a-film called the raven, send any poe- gold – my way as i begin this journey into the abyss” says the tweet.

At last report, James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta”) would direct the project which re-imagines the author as something of a mid-19th century profiler who joins the hunt for a serial killer whose murders are inspired by his stories.

The film’s setting takes place during the final week leading up to Poe’s death in 1849, during which the author essentially vanished for several days with no account of his whereabouts. He was found wandering the streets of Baltimore in great distress and repeating the name Reynolds before dying several days later in hospital.

Hannah Shakespeare and Ben Livingston penned the screenplay.