John Carpenter Does A One-Shot “Joker” Comic

John Carpenter Does A One Shot Joker Comic

Legendary filmmaker John Carpenter (“The Thing,” “Halloween,” “Big Trouble in Little China,” “Escape from New York”) is set to co-write “The Joker: Year of the Villain,” a 40-page one-shot comic.

Carpenter and co-writer Anthony Burch (“Borderlands 2”), who previously collaborated on Boom! Studio’s “Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack” miniseries, will make their DC debut with this one-off look at the greatest villain of the brand if not the entire format.

In the comic, Lex Luthor has become an alien hybrid and telling humanity he can help them become their best selves if they embrace evil. But The Joker has never been one to play second fiddle and those who try to usurp him pay the price.

Carpenter said in a statement: “The Joker is the greatest villain in comics. I’m proud to be reunited with Anthony on this project.” Philip Tan and Marc Deering are doing the art for the project which hits stores October 9th.

Source: Bleeding Cool