Johansson Is The Highest Grossing Actress

The films of Scarlett Johansson, which include the Marvel Studios movies along with the likes of “Lucy” and “The Jungle Book,” have raked in a record-breaking $3.3 billion at the North American box office – making her the highest grossing actress at the U.S. box-office to date.

Johansson’s films combined have raked in a record-breaking $3.3 billion in the United States alone, making her not just the top woman but the tenth overall actor in terms of box-office receipts – putting her ahead of the likes of Bruce Willis, Matt Damon and Robert De Niro. She’s also the youngest actor in the top ten.

The next highest grossing actress is Cameron Diaz who is 19th, with much of the help coming from the “Shrek” franchise. Harrison Ford holds the top overall spot with his films raking up $4.8 billion.

Source: Variety