Joel McHale To Host Netflix Topical Video Show

“Community” is over and his film roles only come every now and then, so comedian and actor Joel McHale is getting back into the weekly half-hour topical series gig that he made his name on with E!’s “The Soup”. This time though there’s no mankini, his new home will be at Netflix.

The first trailer is out for “The Joel McHale Show”, a half-hour topical news show offering a “sharp, absurdist look at pop culture and news from across the globe.”

It’s a look at everything people are talking about that week and boasts celebrity guests, comedy sketches, and insane video clips from the worldwide realms of TV, sports, politics, celebrity culture, and every corner of the internet.

The series is set to launch Sunday, February 18th with the first season consisting of thirteen episodes with a weekly rollout